Duties of a PMP

The best part that you can play in any organization is while accepting the role of a project manager. However, this is such a rile that is only assigned to a professional, not to others. In order to get this role in your career, you will need to be trained in that way. The same can be provided to you in the form of Pmp Training. Get through the training and make yourself for the most of Product manager. Before going all these, learn the four important parts that a project manager will have to play in a project.

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This is the primary task, that a project manager will have to handle. He will be taking care of the entire thing including the planning part. In this schedule the entire planning of the project will be developed. What will be the product quality that will be developed; how much will be procured and what will be the output standard has to be designed at this level.


This is the next level of the project manager’s responsibility. He will be considering the final plan and will be implementing the same in the work. While doing that, he will be segregating the full assignment into number of days and even divide that among the different team members. Layout has to be developed by him and the critical path will be retrieved from there, making the entire project well synchronized and patterned.


This is the part where the actual project will be carried out. Things must have to go according to the planning. A project manager usually has multiple strategies and plans. At times, he might have to change the strategy depending on the condition of the project and its stand. The team members are to be monitored and if necessary there has to be proper training, motivation and decentralization of job.


This will be the final part of the role of the Project manager. You will be taking care of the project condition, end target and asses the difference. Daily agendas has been developed by you before the start of the project. You might have kept at least few days, to control the condition is not in order. This is the time to reschedule everything, so that you can make the necessary alteration at this stage. The team member’ performance has to be evaluated again at this stage and if anything is no in order, you might have to use the strategy that you have scheduled to fight out the critical condition of your project.

Thus role of a project manager is not as simple as you often think. This is the reason, why the companies rely so much on them. You, as a project manager will have to handle much responsibility and job pressure in the middle. So, get through the Pmp Certification In Mumbai and equip yourself in every way. The training will make you suitable to handle the responsibility and the certificate will allow your company to assign the task to you.

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