How to Convert Business DVDs from PAL to NTSC

Does your business still use a lot of DVDs to store training videos, marketing material and maybe even promotional videos? If you intend to share these DVDs (particularly with people from other countries) you need to be aware of whether they’re encoded in PAL or NTSC – otherwise you’d risk them being incompatible.

Essentially PAL and NTSC are two different types of encoding used in both VCRs and DVDs. Generally NTSC is used in the United States, while PAL is used in most of Europe. Unfortunately DVD players tend to only be able to play one of these types of encoding, and so if you share a NTSC DVD with someone in Europe who uses a PAL DVD player, they probably won’t be able to use it.

Needless to say you definitely don’t want that happening with your business DVDs, which is why it helps to be able to convert them. That part is easy with Movavi Video Converter and you can use it as a PAL to NTSC converter with just a few simple steps:

  1. Click ‘Add DVD’ and select the DVD video that you want to convert (it should be in the ‘Video_TS’ directory).
  2. Open up the ‘Convert to’ list and select one of the PAL or NTSC presets under the ‘DVD Compatible Video’ section.
  3. Check the ‘Destination’ folder and set it to the folder you want the video to be saved in.
  4. Click ‘Convert’ to convert your DVD from PAL to NTSC.

When you’re done converting your DVD it will be saved in a file in the folder that you specified. All you need to do then is to burn a DVD using that converted video. If you like you could explore the other features of Movavi Video Converter to edit and tweak your video by enhancing its quality, cutting and combining segments of video, cropping or rotating the video, and adding customizable text.

Additionally, Movavi Video Converter can also be used to convert any audio and image files, extract the audio from your videos, create animated GIFs from video clips and much more. All in all you should have no problem dealing with your media files in the future when you have it readily on hand – and it is certainly an excellent utility that will help to cater to all the needs of your business when it comes to converting videos and other media files.

Comparison of Top Five Share Market Apps in India

Share market trading is now migrating to the mobile platforms, and there are just so many developers vying for the top slot. There are numerous Indian and Multinational apps that are competing hard for the top slot.

  1. Moneycontrol: Backed by TV18, this is one of the foremost share market apps in India. It comes with wide range of options like portfolio related alerts and a well-optimized screen that gets you run through of all the stocks that you hold. Moreover, it has features like a recommendation, video on demand and so on. The app is well built and covers streaming of all the TV18 related channels like CNBC Awaaz, CNBC-TV18 etc. However, it doesn’t allow the users to trade, which has turned out to be the biggest con for this stock market app.


  1. ShareMobile: This app is developed by ShareKhan — one of the most well-known names in the world of financial markets, however, the app is little disappointing. While it has the trading option, this app misses out on many features. Moreover, users complain of the sluggish interface, and consequently, the app has less than 4.0 rating on the play store. Moreover, it is limited in terms of version support which makes it difficult for rural users to utilize the application. Overall the backend support for the application makes it undesirable for serious users.


  1. BSEIndia On Mobile: Launched by BSE, this is a stock market native app that helps users to track quotes, keep watchlists and track currency derivatives and interest rate derivates. The app is quite good in terms of overall usability. However, it lags on several parameters like trading, access to markets other than BSE etc.


  1. NSE MOBILE TRADING: This is an app developed by NSE. It has numerous features like quotes, market watch, chats, positions etc. However, it is limited to NSE registered trading members. The overall design looks unimpressive as the icons are far too big, and the screen flow doesn’t appear to be optimized.


  1. IIFL Markets: Developed by India Infoline Ltd., this app ranks as the best in the world of financial markets. The app not only allows users to glance through all the markets — which includes, BSE, NSE, MCX etc, — but also lets them trade into it. This really banks on the loopholes left by other providers in the business and leverages it to advantage. The result is the overwhelming user response, with over 80% positive feedback from the users. It also provides free research reports of over 500 companies which are compiled by a team of 50 full-time market research specialists. This app is available for free download and usage, and it also allows users to sign up for an India Infoline Brokerage account.


At this time, IIFL Markets is clearly taking the lead. However, given the complexity and the dynamic nature of the share markets, there is a need of continuous improvement: both in terms of design and features, to maintain the lead.

Question That Will Help You Choose the Right Solar Company

Are you shopping for solar equipment? Well, there are so many companies in the market today and their products look the same. This creates confusion as to which company he should choose. So, there are certain questions you must ask to your solar companies before choosing their products to be installed at your property.

These questions will help you differentiate between the companies and make a better choice. We should understand that the Environmental benefits of all the solar equipment are the same irrespective of its company. A customer should always maintain a balance between the cost and quality of the equipment. This does not imply that one should simply choose the cheapest equipment.

Question: What will be my savings over the years?

The investment should bring you returns. The first question should be about return on investment. Then taking a timeframe of 20 years, one should calculate his savings. This would surely help in setting apart the most beneficial products over the others.

Question: What is the guarantee of the system? What to do if the system underperforms?

Most companies offer guarantee, but it is limited to certain parts or certain levels of production. Making it clear before you buy a solar panel would surely help you make an informed choice.

Question: What are my financing options?

Companies offer various financing options in terms of a lease, loan or a Power Purchase Agreement. One should evaluate all the options and choose one that provides maximum benefits.

Question: Will anyone check if the system will fit in my property?

This is an important question, as the solar panels must fit properly in your property. Most companies have salesperson, who can tell you the related details. One can also ask for the designer of the system to have a better picture of the various design and fitting aspects.

Question: Tell me about your company. How long have you been operating?

Knowing about the company where you are going to buy the product from becomes very important. With a boom in companies manufacturing solar equipment, you don’t want to be caught up with some non-genuine company.

Question: Tell me about your license and insurance policies.

One should ask the company about their licensing, if it meets the requirements of your state. The insurance policies should also meet the regulations laid down by the government. You can validate their credentials by asking for their license and registration numbers.

Question: Do you take roof’s shading into account, while evaluating the energy production of the system?

A solar system’s energy output is not always highest. It depends upon the amount of sunlight falling upon it. Taking into account the shading helps get an accurate picture about the actual output energy production of the system.

Question: What about the repairs and maintenance policy?

Under the warrantee agreement one should make clear which parts are covered. There are separate maintenance policies of companies. One should evaluate these policies and then come to a decision.

Question: Asking about your roof.

One should ask the removal procedure of the solar panel in case the roof needs maintenance. Some companies also cover the roof under insurance, so it should be made clear before making any purchase.

These are the questions one should ask before making a choice. Always choose the best solar company in California, which provides quality services at reasonable prices. Such companies will have the best sales people and treat every customer with special care and extra attention they deserve. A well trained technical team is always available for any task. Choose wisely, stay green, and stay happy.

Enjoy Instagram with Some Useful Tips

Even if you may have never used Instagram personally, you must have definitely come across Instagram images on Twitter, Facebook or in blogs. This is a well-known photography app that is popular worldwide. It allows you to take fantastic pictures with simply a click even though, you happen to be just a novice in photography. If you really wish that all your Instagram photos could get a professional finesse, you could actually, consider doing much more than just using the very basic Instagram filters. Keep in mind that Instagram is really a social media tool. It is therefore, essential for you to learn techniques of mastering its networking features to get followers on Instagram.

In case you are not too familiar with Instagram, I am sure you would be pretty soon. Facebook timelines have already integrated Instagram post updates including the one that is able to automatically post new pictures. Instagram is quite easy to use. Remember that there are some awesome add-ons that could make your pictures look simply mind-blowing and stand out from the rest in the newsfeed. Here are some effective ways of honing your Instagram skills.

The first three are supposed to be more of editing tools that Instagram offers along with some of its retro filters.

Zoom Your Picture

You could identify the most interesting or attractive portion of your picture and highlight the part by using Instagram’s scaling feature. By using your finger and thumb you could enlarge the image. You may then start moving it around the square for cropping.

Use Sharpness & Blur Effect

For adding emphasis or highlighting an object, you could consider using teardrop tool that is found on the bar on top. Now you could go about selecting an area to maintain a sharp focus, while the surrounding area is blurred.

Use Contrast

Choose from one of the Instagram’s amazing filters that range from highly-saturated with Lo-Fi to washed-out color with Walden, you should be trying Lux. Lux is supposed to be the sunburst icon that adds extreme contrast. For adding trickier and more amazing effects, you could use other apps initially and thereafter, you could try importing your picture into Instagram from Android Camera, iPad, or iPhone camera roll.

Use Double Filters

Take a picture on your phone (avoid using Instagram) and then open in Filter Mania on iPhone or some such app. Filter Mania is known to offer a dozen of free filters like neon, frost and aqua for more realistic water splash. You could start by applying a filter then saving the picture and finally, sending it directly to Instagram. You could now consider adding Instagram tweaks mentioned above. For instance, you could use LensLight and LensFlare from iTunes.

Android users could even opt for free apps such as Pixlr-o-matic that offers a plethora of filters that may include light effects. Once done, you may export the picture to your iPhone or Android camera roll for using with Instagram.

Add Text

You could consider adding some meaningful text to your picture. Phonto is actually, a free app from iTunes, which is known to include the typewriter font, along with some others. Android users may opt for the free LabelBox- the archaic Dymo label look seems to be quite a hot favorite on Instagram.

Make an Impressive Collage

You could consider combining pictures into an impressive collage by opting for $1PicFrame from the App Store. When you are happy with a particular layout, you may send directly to Instagram for the desired special effects. Android offers Honeygram, which is an amazing collage-maker.

Author Bio: Ray Hooper is a social marketing adviser and counselor. He runs a blog targeted towards helping new enterprises and startups get followers on Instagram and build an online presence.

Lawsuit Funding – A Guide for Paralegals

The daily workday routine of paralegals can be quite hectic. They usually have to devote time to conducting legal research and preparing for trails in addition to interviewing clients and performing the usual administrative work. The work load of paralegals can jump quite a lot due to the rising demand by plaintiffs for pre-settlement funding. When a client intends to approach a lawsuit funding firm, it is usually the job of a paralegal to understand the details of the lawsuit instituted by the client and what formalities are necessary to ensure a smooth application process.

What Paralegals Should Advise Clients before Getting the Funding?

Paralegals should advise the clients approaching them for pre-settlement funding that this way of accessing funds should actually be their last resort. They should take care to explain that in light of the risks taken on by the funding firm, the interest rate while by all means is reasonable however; it is not as cheap as it may look like upfront. Thus,if the client has other means of getting funding, he should first examine and exhaust them before approaching a lawsuit financing firm. The paralegal should take care to explain how the process of funding works, how much the client can expect to get, the interest rates and fees applicable, etc.

Advising Clients Regarding Why Their Cases May Not Qualify for Funding

There can be plenty of issues that need to be examined and sorted out before a lawsuit may be funded. In fact, since the funding is non-recourse the lawsuit funding companieshave to be very careful about establishing the merits of the case and whether there is a strong likelihood of it getting a favorable settlement. It is very important to find out if there are any reasons why the case may not be eligible for funding as then they can straightaway inform the client and save both his and the firm’s time from being wasted. Some of the most common reasons for turning down a pre-settlement funding request include previous funding by other firms, soft-tissue injuries suffered by the client, the client’s state of residence making him ineligible to receive funding, etc. Some funding firms may refuse to fund a case if it has still not been filed before a competent court.

Advising Clients Regarding Interest Rates

The decision to sign a lawsuit funding agreement at a particular rate of interest is purely that of the client and the paralegal has no obligation to ensure if the terms are fair or not. However, as ethical paralegals, it is expected that they would cover all the clauses of the agreement with the client to make sure that he has understood them and can make an informed decision. In particular, paralegals should be in a position to explain whether the client is being charged simple of compound rate of interest. This is vital as a compound rate of interest will end up costing the client significantly more than the application of simple interest. It should be explained that with the passage of time the amount owed to the firm by the client rises exponentially if a compound rate of interest is applied.

Advising Clients Regarding Application Fees

Paralegals should make it a point to carefully examine the agreement prepared by the lawsuit funding firm and find out if there are an application fees, processing fees, or administration fees built in. While many clients may gloss over these terms since they are not expected to pay anything upfront, these will all be taken into account with perhaps even interest being charged on them once the case is settled favorably. Similarly, paralegals should keep a sharp eye out for broker fees in the contract that may be included even if there was no broker apparently involved in the funding application. Also known as origination fees, they can be as much as 15-25% of the amount funded, and the interest will be applied form Day 1 and claimed from the client when the case is settled.

Author bio: James Sullivan is the legal reporter of a prominent business journal. He regularly tracks the trends and developments in the litigation finance sector as well as practices in the leading lawsuit funding companies.

Back up your important data with EaseUS Todo Backup Free

You just purchased a latest SSD &wish to move it into your PC. But wait the dismay of having to install Windows again and all of your applications start to set in. If you don’t need to deal with the difficulty of reinstalling Windows OS, you can use aneasy cloning usefulness to clone your old drive to your new SSD. We’ve round up three free cloning utilities that are simple to use so you don’t have to go through the attempt of reinstalling your OS and apps all over again.

Note: Before you try to clone your hard drive or SSD, we extremely recommend backing up all your data first. In addition, make certain the drive you are cloning to have sufficient storage space to take all the cloned data.

Fix a solid-state drive is one of the most excellent upgrades you can make to your PC, but move your Windows fitting to a small drive can be tricky, because your data won’t essentially all fit on the drive.

We’ve shown you how to move from an old drive to a roomy new drive, but when clone hdd to ssd, things get a little more difficult. Instead of upgrading to a superior drive, you’re generally migrate to a smaller drive, which means a lot of files like music, pictures, and games might not all fit on the SSD. You could always do a clean fix (without losing any of your data), but why begin fresh when you can move everything over, just as it is now? Fortunately, the migration is pretty easy to pull off, and you must be able to go through the whole method in an afternoon.


There’s never been a superior time to be in the market for a free backup tool. These days, you require two kinds of backup first for your document&files, & the additional for your system. EaseUS Todo Backup Free tries to straddle both sphere, and does so throughsensible success.

The best news regarding EaseUS Todo Backup Free is that it’s really a rebadged version of Todo Backup Home, which was before sold as a commercial product. It’s able of backing up everything from selected files and file types to whole partitions or drives with arrangingchoice and support for updates so backups are saved as lesser and well organized as possible.

There are lots of recovery and repair options too, such as being capable to browse disks and partition backups for private files and folders, plus achoice for creating a WinPE-based recovery disc that lets you to use the program outside of Windows, making it ideal for drive upgrades or improving crashed scheme. You can also move windows 10 to ssd with the assist of this software.

It’s all simple to use and works admirably. There are some gripes though it’s possible to back up certain email-based files using the file types choice, we’d choose a more explicit email backup choice along with selected program settings and for the geeks between us Registry settings too.

3 Easy Ways to Save Money

Saving money used to take sacrifice but now saving money is easier than ever. Technology has made saving money as easy as a few swipes on the screen of a smartphone. With saving money being at your fingertips, why not take advantage. The following are 3 ways to save money without changing your life in a major way.

Saving on the electricity bill can make or break a budget for many people. Using energy efficient light bulbs will use a fraction of the electric and they can last to ten times longer than traditional lightbulbs. Having an app on your smartphone that can control the house lights when you leave is important as well. This can assure that all of the lights are off in the home and no excess electricity is being used. These apps can also be used to control the air conditioning so there can be huge savings on that as quite a lot of electric is used by heating or cooling the home.

Looking online for coupons on websites like Groupon can save immense amounts of money. They have daily updates to the coupons from electronic stores to clothing stores like JC Penney. Online coupons can be applied often times from the comfort of your own home or even be available on mobile devices. Coupons are a great way to drive down costs of products or services you are going to purchase.

Looking online for specials if you frequently go out to eat can save money. Many restaurants have certain days where they offer a special like a “Taco Tuesday” where food is extremely cheap. Just by looking up where the specials are, you can save money while still eating out. This being said eating out can get expensive but if you manage to find the right deals it can be affordable.

Saving money does not have to take a dramatic change in lifestyle to be accomplished. Just by doing your due diligence you can save copious amounts of money. For nearly every vendor there is a deal at some point in the year or a great coupon offered. Not taking advantage of these things is like throwing money out of the window of your car.


What to Do if You Fail the Life in The UK Exam

When you take the “Life in the UK” examinations, the results will be announced as soon as you are done with the test session. The test manager will announce whether you have passed or failed. If you pass with more than 75%, which is the passing mark, you will be handed a pass notification letter by the test manager. However, what should you do if you fail the test?


Do not give up

If you fail in the Life in the UK test, it does not mean that you have to leave immediately. It does not mean that you cannot give it a try once again either. You can continue to stay as long as your Leave to Remain continues to remain valid. If you are still interested, give it one more chance. You could even keep taking the test till you pass. However, it will involve the time and the money that you would need to invest in order to prepare and reappear for the test. You must be prepared to pay fifty pounds for the test. Also, keep in mind that you will have to take the next test only after a gap of seven days in between.

How do you clear your retry?

In order to be able to clear your retry, you must know what made you fail in your first attempt. There are only 2 possible reasons for this: your level of English is below Entry Level 1 or your preparation was just not enough or not up to the mark. What can you do in such a case? You can attend British Citizenship classes along with ESOL classes. This will not only improve your knowledge of the English language but also help you know what to expect on the day of the examination well in advance. Alternatively, check your notification letter.

Check your notification letter

Your notification letter can be quite a valuable resource. Do not discard it. It will tell you where you went wrong. Note down all the wrong answers and see if it tells you whether you are weak in certain areas. Mug up the Life in the UK handbook after this. It is a guide for new residents. Compare your answers as per the notification letter with the answers given in the handbook. If you are still not sure, consider taking online tests to see where you could improve.

Take an online test

What better way to improve your knowledge than by testing it? Visit a site like take the online test for free so that you know what you could have done right. Taking the mock test well in advance will prepare you for the re-examination. You could select the answers you think are right and click on the “check” button, which will give you the right answers. You could easily compare your answers with the right answers on the site, which will be indicated by a different colour. You could even click on the “Review Question” button if you want the site owners to review the question. You could even take the test as many times as you want online.