It’s a Right Place to Meet Your Next Requirement

Last week when my boss announced my promotion to Gandhinagar I was in a puzzle state whether to feel happy or sad about this. Happy because I got promoted, but sadly as I have to leave the place and adjust in the new city. The biggest problem that was bothering me was about driving. I never learned to drive and always relied on public transport for travelling from one place to another.

Sikh taxi driver looking into the rear view mirror

How I am going to travel in Gandhinagar when I have no idea about the city? This gave me a sleepless night and I started thinking how to give up with my promotion. When I told my friend about this he said why you don’tsearch on the net.

Firstly, I placed an advertisement at the social networking sites. The response was very poor and mostly people applied without understanding the proper job opportunity. I got angry as they were wasting my time and adding on to my frustrations. Then my colleague told me about  I asked what it is.He said browse the website and you will get the solution to your problem there.

I at once log into the website and filled the complete details about my requirements. I was ready to handle the earlier problems, but to my surprise this time there was none. I started receiving phone calls after 2-3 hours of registration. I was surprised to receive so many calls regarding driver in Gandhinagar. I was happy.

I had a telephonic interview with some of them and then short listed few car drivers in Gandhinagar. Now biggest problem was of selecting one out of that huge number. The Dedicated team of helped me a lot. With their kind cooperation I managed to get the daunting task accomplished with ease.

With their rapid hire plan I put my search on escalators and promptly hire driver in the city in 2-3 days. I was glad to receive updates on my mobile via SMS without getting logged into the website. Team members pay personal attention to all the clients and thus help them in getting the best, what they need. Now I was happy with my promotion and all set to move ahead.

Cheap Cloud Server – How They Are Helping Businesses Excel

Today, we all are in a lifetime relationship with computers as they play an important part of our life. We can’t even think of living without it as we are all connected to them. The endless advancement in the technology world has completed revolutionized our ways of living. One of the biggest advantages of modern technology is that we can always have access to our files, documents, images, music, videos and more anywhere anytime.

Cheap cloud server is a premium technology that have arrived excellently in the past few years. This term refers to the online cloud storage that keeps safe all of our data, applications and other pertinent information through the web-based servers. It keeps you abreast and connected with all the latest things and information around the world.

The Cheap Cloud Server Is Here To Stay

The Cloud-based business intelligence (BI) is used universally today, as it is a ground-breaking concept of doing business worldwide, giving all your BI proficiencies as per needs at a reduced cost with high quality and support too. The Cloud computing Business Intelligence equipment has great potential for industries and it helps the companies to expand in one or the other way. It helps companies and even users to process raw facts and change it into important business information. Its influence is wide and deep, it is the kind of technology that businesses and companies will want to either take in or forget about.

Both Cloud storage computing & business intelligence systems have developed as the newest trend for the upcoming style of the future. They are user-friendly, quick to download and very affordable as compared to other online backup solutions. Because of the consistent nature of cheap cloud server, more and more users and businesses are transferring to cloud solutions to get a more effective and quicker service. The statistics imply that cheap cloud server and host analytics have changed the world 360d degrees and became the chosen business solution to safeguard information online.

Importance Of Servers For Business Use

  • Cloud storage computing is a handy tool as it can be fast set up which in turn offer comprehension and value in dynamic ways.
  • Several companies have different needs. Cloud software do all the specific needs of industries and organizations, as the cloud-based software can be customized according to the preferred requirement.
  • These business intelligence solutions help in lessening initial IT system set-up costs, and it also gives security & handles all the systems from third-party access.
  • The cloud storage business intelligence solutions may not be reasonable, but they help businesses face & decrease operational costs, IT operating cost and more.
  • It offers private and hybrid cloud services as per the needs of the business. In a private cloud, all the information of an industry is kept within the company grounds through online server security service.

The use of cheap cloud server and these backup solutions is a friendly approach, used around the world by almost every business to protect their important files, applications, and information. One of the most reliable companies for cloud storage is so you should see what methods they offer. With this new method, many technical issues have been curtailed that results to a safer and assured tomorrow.

How Digitalization in Financial Markets is bridging the divide between Rural and Urban India

In line with the vision of smart cities, digitalization is kicking off in every part of India. A decade ago, the focus was on Highways, and today the focus has shifted to iWays.  The Internet is one formidable power that holds the promise to bridge the divide – and so far, the results of India’s digitalization drive have looked promising and surprising.

Digitalization is moving beyond just internets and computers. More precisely, it is the smartphones where companies are wrangling for the top spot. Almost every leading company in financial markets like MotilalOswal, IIFL Markets, Sharekhan etc have their own apps even global players have chipped in with apps like Moneycontrol.


Case Study of IIFL, a Mobile App
IIFL mobile app, for instance, has been downloaded by users across 1500+ locations, and not all of them are urban locations. Besides one big challenge gives similar experience in the wake of the crippling internet. IIFl Markets does that with smart design and state of the art infrastructure that allows users to access to the stock markets smoothly.

Often, in Rural India, there is a lack of good internet connectivity and such a handy mechanism ensures that users can easily access the markets – which is a breakthrough in bridging the divide.

The reason why phones were a bigger success than computers was because they were thought of as a necessity. Using a computer means buying an expensive machine which uses a lot of power and needs a dedicated internet connection. In rural India, there aren’t dedicated providers and the cost of getting one is quite easy – enough to dissuade investors from thinking of it. Moreover, there is no backup if and all the power is not available and using complex software is just way too difficult. All that is simplified with the apps. It is more of download and use system, and smartphones in rural India, by and large, work on sim providers – which gets them a better deal for limited internet connectivity.

In spite the fact that an app provides rich features, it is not sluggish at all. On the contrary, it is quick and easy.

Some of the Indian apps are big global players. For instance, IIFL Markets has been accessed over 160 countries.

Apps like this are just a way of getting more information to the people who are marred with the lack of information. Now, they don’t even need to get dedicated televisions, nor cable or internet connections. It is all available in an app which is available for free of cost.

For these reasons, the apps have been successful in bridging the divide. In the case of IIFL Markets, almost all of its user feedback is excellent or good. They’ve got a good feedback system that ensures that good feedback stays right on the app.

IIFL Markets is available for free download on both android and apple platforms for free. You too can start using this app, and see how it bridges the perennial divide.


Best Basic Laptops UnderRs15,000 in India

Designed specifically for users who use computers for watching movies, browsing and doing casual office works using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., basic laptops are a tad bit more powerful than smartphones. They resemble like any other laptop but have a toned down configuration and are less powerful.

Here is a look at the best basic laptops to own under 15k in India.

  1. Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666


A hybrid 2-in-1 device, the Micromax Canvas Laptab LT666 can be used both as a laptop and as a tablet. There is a detachable screen that comes with the device which is easy to remove and be used as a tablet. There is an in-built 3G SIM slot that comes with this hybrid device.

Sporting a touch screen and having a great battery life, the Canvas Laptabalso sports a 2MP rear and front camera. The device is powered by anIntel 4thGen Quad Core Processor that comes with 2GB of RAM for fast multitasking. There is internal memory capacity of 32GB which is expandable up to 64GB using a microSD card. Make use of amazon india coupons given by to get this laptop at a discounted rate with some extra cashback.

  1. Asus EeeBookX205TA Notebook


A promising laptop from Asus – known for making powerful-yet-affordable laptops, Asus EeeBook X205TA is an attractive laptop to pick in its price range. The long lasting battery is a highlight in the device which can last up to 12 hours on a single charge.

The extremely portable device has an 11.6-inch screen which makes the device very compact. A 1.33GHz Intel Atom Quad Core processor powers the laptop which has 2GB of RAM for fast opening and closing of programs and applications.Running on Windows 8.1 OS, there is a VGA camera available for video calling. Flipkart offers can help you get the device for a huge discount. The internal storage on the laptop is 32GB and can be expanded up to 128GB using a microSD card.

  1. Asus Chromebook C720


A perfect device for browsing, Asus Chromebook C720 runs on a 64-bit Chrome OS. A 1.4GHz Intel Celeron Dual Core processor powers the device which has 2GB of RAM to open and close applications with ease.

The internal storage is 16GB and cannot be expanded further. A HD webcam is available for video calling and the device can last for 9 hours on a single full charge. Go for it, if you need a laptop for meeting your browsing needs.

  1. Asus X200MA-KX424D


The device is powered by anIntel 4th Generation 2.58GHz processor which is ably supported by 2GB of RAM. Multitasking is efficient on the device and there is a lot of space available as the hard disk has a capacity of 500GB.

The operating system on the device is Disk Operating System (DOS) and the battery lasts for4 hours on a single charge. A VGA camera is on the laptop which helps in video calling. Go for this device if you are looking for a performance laptop.

Good Use Custom Essay Writing Services

College students write several writing projects during the education period. A few assignments are quite easy , nor take much time, while others (like essays) require much time and attempts. Indeed, creating an impressive essay is a challenging task especially for those individuals who lack necessary skills and knowledge. An essay is usually based on certain analysis and should become properly structured.

Learners write many creating tasks through the education period. Several assignments are very easy , neither take much period, while some (like essays) require sufficient time and initiatives. Certainly, creating an impressive article is a complicated job especially for all those folks who be short of necessary abilities and knowledge. An essay is usually depending on certain research and should end up being properly structured at .

Many people are attached to writing essays, mainly because they discover many new things while performing a research. At the same time, this is the most time-consuming area of the composing assignment. Many learners simply lack period for carrying out detailed researches, while others consider this process boring. The second stage of creating an essay is certainly procession of collected details. While crafting an article it is crucial to stick to certain rules, because it must be properly structured. Otherwise, there is a risk to receive a low grade.
Sticking to all these rules may be quite difficult. The situation gets worse when you are pressed for time. Do not get distressed, as there is a great solution for anyone who needs help with crafting an essay or any several other academic paper. This choice is offered by custom article writing companies. Typically give their services on-line, thus you will very easily find these services by just surfing the Internet.

Applying to a custom made essay writing agency is the wisest decision if you are not sure inside your writing skills or if you simply be lacking period meant for carrying out these bothering studies, processing plenty of information and composing an essay. If you are scared of these types of procedures and desire to devote your time to something more important, just remember that there are people ready to do that task for you personally.

Many writing businesses have teams of skilled and certified writers having excellent understanding in different technological spheres. Every papers are correctly organized and so are plagiarism-free which is very important. Besides, they are tailored to the requirements offered by the shoppers. Many reputable companies promise finish privacy and promise to give your cash back if the paper does not meet the indicated requirements.

Of plan, writing companies charge money for their services. The price may be quite high, because qualified writers need a decent salary for their solutions. Simultaneously, you can be certain in the quality of the article you order. Of training program, you can spend less and look for websites offering ready-to- use documents, however there are no guarantees they may be primary and plagiarism-free. These papers can be used only since examples for your own projects. Therefore if you want to get a decent article, that does not require any improvements, it is advisable to use the services of a reputable essay composing agency.

Although the Internet is crammed with such companies, you need to understand that not all of them offer quality papers. Just before placing an purchase and paying money, make sure the company offers an excellent popularity. Verify customer testimonies and inquire designed for the samples of their papers. This will help get the most impressive essay for your cash.
When you have difficulties with writing essays, visit essaysprofy. com. This company can create one of the most amazing paper for you.

What A Car Seller Will Never Tell You About Used Car Valuation Trick Used In India

Are you looking for buying a car? Thinking of what a car seller will hide from you when car valuation happens. Don’t worry; this article opens up the entire hidden agenda which car sellers hide form customers. It is estimated that due to unfair car valuation almost nearly 20% to 30% of extra cost is being incurred by buyer of car which is more than their profit. To check car valuation India nowadays has become in the limelight: setting leaf air smart home about it, and the secrets are slowly being opened to public world.

Facts which car sellers hide from buyers

The following section details on the entire scam which happens during which a car valuation gets deviated from its actual purpose from a fair deal to money making entity.

History of the car and the current conditions

Often the history of the vehicle is never said with facts and true information. The history is always hidden in a vehicle past, the mileages are covered, the battery and engine conditions are altered and often misleads to saying that condition are better. Since the car mileage and operating conditions are taken into consideration during car evaluation it is often hidden to increase the price of valuation of a used car here you can get Used cars in mumbai.

Changing of papers

The term of changing of papers to show that the car is new enough, people indulge into an activity which is called as title washing or changing the name of paper. These practices can help in reduction in cost incurred in transferring names and hence can help in building the cost of vehicle to buyers. In most cases a recovered vehicle which is out from an accident or any court case is title washed and sold to people.

Changing the odometers

Fraud of odometers has become a common practice nowadays by sellers of used car. They tamper the meter with the help of auto mechanics and change the reading to show as if the vehicle has run only less area. When people see that the car is used only for shorter distance, their mindset fixes that the car is brand new and not used.


Servicing history and repairing history

Often the sellers hide the number of repairs which have been undertaken for their car from the buyers. Most of the time the outer layer of the car is painted well and seems dashing but the internal part of the car would be having lot of trouble.

Sellers hide all modification and alteration

The worst thing to happen for a car is to modify it, yes most of the used cars would have been altered to suit the owner requirement and when it comes for valuation, sellers hide them. Any modification which is made to car from its original make will surely reduce life time of the car and reduce validation of the vehicle badly.

Covering the engine failures

People always cover the engine problem in a car, because that has the highest value and would determine the valuation of the used car for the buyer. Often only the engine oil is changed and the seller tries to sell the vehicle with the problem.

Dealers can make your life miserable

Most of the dealers have hidden agenda during car dealing and their ultimate motive would be to make money. Never fall for dealers words in terms of lease agreement, down payment or whatever. Think twice and then take a call.

Changing of sound systems and battery’s

People change the sound systems in car before they sell, they change the good working one and put the worn out ones during car valuation. Make sure that you check the make of the audio system and warranty details of battery in the car before purchasing one.


A car valuation is importantly used for buyers and the main important aspect to be considered is two things.

  • Check whether any major accidents the car run too
  • Check whether the operational parts in the car are real and original.

The above facts which are presented in this article are efforts of collation of different real time happenings in the car valuation India industry. But be aware that not all the car valuations are tricky and secret. The only objective of this article is to make people aware of the real happenings such that they become aware and don’t become a victim for these unfair practices.

Best way to avoid spammers at your e-mails

As per a recent survey it was seen that an average internet user receives around 100 unwanted mails each day. Blogs, websites and many companies don’t leave an opportunity to spam your inbox each day. There are some tips which you can follow if you are also receiving a lot of spam mails in your inbox. Have a look at best ways which will help you to avoid spammers at your e-mail inbox.

Use a temporary email id

In order to use any service online or buy anything off the internet you need to enter your e-mail address. Instead of using your real or daily e-mail address, create a temporary e-mail id which you can use wherever you are asked to enter email id to get access to the website. This will leave all the hassle of the spam e-mails on your original email id. You can login in to the account only if you want to access the particular website for which you used the e-mail address.


Encrypting the current email id

To avoid spammers of spam mail you can also encrypt the email address you are using. There are different tools which you can use to encrypt the email address you are using. If you are using Enigmail you can use thunderbird, GPGTools can be used with Mac Mail and many others are also available there. The tools will help you in encryption of the email address you are using and will also provide you a security suite. The security suite will make sure that all the data is safe and protected.

Always choose secure email service provider

You will come across a lot of email service providers on the internet. Don’t fall for the cheap prices offered by different email service providers. You can use Unspyable, Shazzle or Countermail as there are the three best tools which will provide you VPN access for safe internet browsing. Along with VPN, you will get USB key which you can use for the email entry. If you check email on your smartphones you will get free email protection for Android and iOS smartphones.

Filtering spam

The best way to avoid spam mail in your inbox by filtering your mail id. You can select different filters which will help you in filtering the mails and will identify the mails which fall in spam category and which are safe mails. You can add the filters which will automatically delete the spam mail. Make sure you have set up the filters properly as if you fail to do this, important mails like your electricity bill might get deleted.

Unsubscribe it

If you see unsubscribe option in the e-mail you received go for it. Once you have unsubscribed the e-mail there is no chance that you are again going to receive any spam mail from that website. You will either see Unsubscribe or Remove ME option in the mail you receive.

These are the best tips which you can follow to avoid spammers at your email address. There are some online casinos that ask you to enter your e-mail address in order to open an account for example. is one of them but they don’t spam you at all.

Top Salesforce Integration Patterns

Integrating different features into software is a great way to ensure it is going to meet your needs. However, you will often find that it is going to be very difficult to integrate all of the features you need. Here are some of the top Salesforce integration patterns that will help businesses grow, but also stay in contact with their customers better than what they imagined.

Real time data is very hard to get, but for a business it can make the difference between closing out a sale or getting stuck with the products. This is when people should know about the ability to integrate this into their package and know it will help their business know where the customers are at and even what they are doing at any given period of time.

Salesforce integration patterns help you help your customers

Sometimes the customers are going to have questions the salesforce program just does not offer. When they have these questions, the agent who is trying to get the answers needs to know how to respond. With the real time mashup it is going to be easy for people to get the information they need and know it is going to help the customers in getting the answers they need to have.

Sometimes, people do not need to have real time data, but can take some data that is near real time. When people have this information it is going to be easy for them to have a delay set up to guarantee the transaction or action was completed. With this integration it is going to be easy for people to get the information they need and know it can notify people when the change is almost completed.

A canvas is going to be something else that may need to be integrated into the program. When these are integrated it is going to be easier for people to get the software embedded into an already existing web platform. This means that people will be able to use their regular website and not have to be concerned about getting a new page developed to help them in getting the page launched.

Non-visual force mashups is another factor that people are going to enjoy seeing as well. With this factor, people can take programs that are not part of sales force and get them embedded into their Salesforce integration patterns. This means they are going to get a chance to get the right website developed and know it is going to integrate perfectly into their sales program.

While most businesses will use a piece of software to help them in driving sales, they need to realize this is more of a challenge than what they think. However, by knowing about the top Salesforce integration patterns, it is going to be easy for people to get the right website up and running, but also have it properly integrated with their websites. Then they do not have to be concerned about their website and their other software not matching up with each other.