Sleeping beauty syndrome is for real

Sleeping Beauty and Rip Van Winkle may have been fictional characters but Beth Goodier, Shannon Magee, Connor Prince, Heather and John Flowe are not. These are patients suffering from the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. Yes, you read that right — this is actually a rare and complex neurological disorder also called the Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS).

Experts say that this disorder usually strikes when one is around 16 — and lasts for around 13 years. The disease is rare but we do have patients suffering from it in India, says Dr Preeti Devnani, neurologist and sleep disorder specialist. She adds, “KLS is a rare disease with a prevalence of one to two cases per million inhabitants.”

KLS is a rare disease with a prevalence of one to two cases per million inhabitants (Thinkstock)

Symptom checker
Dr Preeti explains, “A KLS patient may sleep anywhere between two to 31 days, and suffer from one of these cognitive abnormalities such as feelings of unreality, confusion, hallucinations, abnormal behaviour, irritability, aggression, binge eating and hyper-sexuality. These symptoms can be interspersed with long periods of normal sleep, cognition, behaviour and mood.”
Kailash Mantry, mental health and wellness professional says, “Episodes of KLS are cyclical. When present, the symptoms can persist even for months — during which, all usual daily activities of the patient stop. Most people with this syndrome are bedridden, tired, as well as uncommunicative, even when they are awake. Not everyone affected by KLS experiences all of the symptoms associated with the syndrome.”

What causes this?
What causes KLS is not really known, say doctors. Dr Preeti elaborates, “The pathology of the disease suggests a malfunction in the hypothalamus and thalamus — regions of the brains, which help regulate sleep patterns, appetite and sex drive.”
Viral and autoimmune causative factors have been suggested due to the fact that many KLS patients also suffer flu-like symptoms at the onset of the disease. She adds, “It has also been suggested that an infection may act as a trigger for people who have a genetic disposition towards KLS.”
Dr Amrapali Patil, wellness professional says, “This disorder is characterised by neurochemical imbalance hypoperfusion of certain areas of brain and known to have a genetic background.” In the beginning of a KLS episode, the patient becomes progressively drowsy. Then they fall asleep for long hours — hypersomnolence — sometimes waking only to eat or go to the bathroom. Such episodes continue for days, weeks and sometimes months. In between two such episodes, the patient appears to be in perfect health with no evidence of any kind of behavioural or any other type of physical dysfunction.
Dr Patil says, “This condition is so rare that enough subjects are not available to conduct clinical trials and research to generate data. KLS is said to affect one in millions and it is difficult to track it’s incidence in Mumbai.”

Is there a way to prevent it?
There is no definitive treatment for KLS, however, doctors may prescribe certain medications to alleviate the symptoms. Dr Preeti says, “Stimulants can counter the effects of hypersomnia but they do not alleviate the associated cognitive disturbances. Mood altering drugs have also proved beneficial in some cases of KLS.” Dr Patil adds, “Lithium is said to provide some prevention against these episodes.”

How does it affect one?
Along with excessive sleep, the whole demeanour of a person suffering from KLS changes. They appear to be spaced-out or childlike. When awake, they experience disorientation, confusion, a complete lack of energy, as well as lack of emotions. A majority of people with KLS report that everything seems to be out of focus and that they are hypersensitive to light and noise. In some instances, food cravings are a part of the symptoms they experience. Instances of uninhibited hyper-sexuality during an episode have been reported by people with KLS.

The psychology behind it
Mantry says, “We have found that KLS patients have psychological issues like attention-seeking strategies, absence of love, doubts on near and dear ones, general weakness in health, irresponsible behaviour and a disturbed social life. Such patients also have no aims or goals, feel resigned, skeptical, hypocritical, have poor communication skills, see no reason to wake up, are afraid, lazy, whimsical, egoistic and hurtful. Other issues include victimisation, absence of family bonding, no courage to accept challenges and low self-esteem.”

Instances of excessive daytime sleepiness in Mumbai

Dr Ramanthan Iyer, sleep specialist says, “KLS is extremely rare but excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is common in Mumbai. It is characterised by persistent sleepiness and often a general lack of energy, even during the day, after apparently adequate or even prolonged night-time sleep.”

10 magical beauty hacks no one told you about

If you are tired of spending endless hours fixing your hair and putting oodles of make-up, here’s your quick fix- 10 simple yet magical beauty hacks no one has ever told you about! (Image Courtesy: Thinkstock)
Thick hair is easy to flaunt

Thick hair is easy to flaunt
Make your mane look thick by brushing a little eyeshadow on your parting.
No more itchy feet

No more itchy feet
Itchy feet and cracked heels can be cured by simply applying some petroleum jelly to your feet and wearing socks before you head to bed, yes, it’s actually that simple!
Have chapped lips?

Have chapped lips?
Dump those expensive lip scrubs for a simple toothbrush to exfoliate your lips Worked in a circular motion, the toothbrush will help you get rid of the dead skin over your lips.
B'bye pimple

B’bye pimple
Get rid of that ugly pimple by putting the good old mouth wash. Well, the alcohol content in the mouthwash will dry up that pimple instantly.
Bid goodbye to yellow teeth

Bid goodbye to yellow teeth
A dash of baking soda mixed into your toothpaste can do wonders for your yellow teeth.
Shampoo = Quickie

Shampoo = Quickie
Short on time for a head wash? Simply tie your hair into a ponytail, leaving aside your bangs and give your bangs a quick wash.
For those luscious lips

For those luscious lips
Add a few drops of peppermint oil into your lip gloss to give your lips some natural thickness.
Hate smudged eye liner?

Hate smudged eye liner?
Dry your eye liner pencil by blowing some hot air from the hair dryer and turn your dry eye pencil into an eyeliner that won’t smudge.
Make your perfume stay longer

Make your perfume stay longer
If you hate the fact that your perfume doesn’t last long, then it’s time to reach out for a pack of petroleum jelly! Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly to fragrance (read pulse) points before spraying your favourite fragrance and you’ll notice the scent would stay for longer while on your skin.
A green tea bath

A green tea bath

Fond of bathtub relaxation sessions? Well, then this one’s for you! Fill your bath with 10 green tea bags and bathe in the water to detox your body like never before. Also, not to miss would be the new-found glow on your face.



Pride month: Here’s the beauty inspiration you need to celebrate all the shades of love

Bring out all the hues of the rainbow — it’s LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) pride month. Observed in June every year, the aim is to recognise the impact the LGBT community has had on the world and to also to celebrate individualistic sexuality. The month honours the 1969 Stonewall riots where the members of the community broke out in spontaneous protests against a police raid. Initially observed on the last Sunday of June, the LGBT Pride Day soon grew to include month-long events.

Supporters from all across the world show their love in all possible ways — from participating in events for the community and starting social media campaigns to posting pictures with their same-sex baes to dressing up their pets in colours of pride.


Another route that many take is to go for #rainbowmakeup or #LGBTmakeup. Confused? Take a look. And, if you also want to join the pride wagon, start practicing!


KKW Beauty: Kim Kardashian-West to launch her own cosmetic line

The Kardashians know how to do business. One of the most successful families of entrepreneurs around, they give competition to each other. After Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West is ready to launch her cosmetic brand, KKW Beauty, soon.

The products under her label haven’t been revealed yet as she has planned to launch them on June 21, 2017.

KKW Beauty

“After 10 years of getting my makeup done every single day, I’ve really put that knowledge into action and production,” Forbes quoted Kim Kardashian as saying.

The businesswoman and reality television star told The Associated Press Tuesday that she relies on her strong bonds to her family when the online negativity gets too much. Kardashian West’s comments came before she participated in a keynote conversation at the annual Forbes Women’s Summit.

She is one of the top 50 earning celebrities in a Forbes ranking released earlier this week.

Kardashian West has a combined 180 million followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – many of them young girls – says she takes her role model status seriously.

With such a strong support, Kim Kardashian is likely to be successful at her latest venture too.


From dry shampoo to white colour pencil, beauty hacks for working women

Most working women are in a hurry or have less time to get ready which affects the make-up that needs to be done at the last minute. Dry shampoos and petroleum jelly are some of the products that can make life easier, suggest experts.

Make-up artist Aashmeen Munjal and beauty expert Bharti Taneja have suggested some tricks that work:

1) To start with hair, when there is no time to shampoo hair and you need to head to a party after work, then keep a dry shampoo as a must-have. If it’s in a spray form, just spray it on roots and brush them. All the oil, dirt that is there in the hair will be gone. And after washing hair in the morning, if there is no time to use a dryer then use a towel and tie up with a cotton T-shirt.

Opt for dry shampoo for the clean look. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The cotton T-shirt will absorb the moisture quickly and will leave the natural moisture in the hair which will maintain the natural curl. One can follow it up with a serum too.

2) No time to go to a salon for pedicure and manicure? Apply petroleum jelly on hands and feet before sleeping at night.

Apply it on skin and leave it overnight wearing thick socks. It generates the natural moisture in skin. Also, make sure to put socks on.

3) After a late night party, one doesn’t generally get sufficient time to have a proper sleep. And in the morning while going to the office, the face might look dull. Apply a skin or a white colour pencil on the inner lower rim of eyes and then apply kohl or liner to instantly pop up eyes.

4) For a party after office, keep some banana bands or funky and cool accessories for hair as they add drama. The easiest hairstyle for a working woman is to make a front puff. Another option is to make a high ponytail. For that, make a puff by taking centre partition of hair.

Add funky and cool hair accessories to add drama. (AFP)

5) Sometimes there is a desire to apply a certain kind of lipstick shade, but it’s not available at that moment. Apply a good moisturiser or a good jelly on lips and then use eye shadow of the shade you want to apply instead of the lipstick.

6) Don’t forget to condition face frequently, locking the moisture with rose water spray.

7) For fuller lashes, pick a swab of cotton. Just put it in baby powder and slide it across the lashes after applying the mascara. Don’t forget to apply mascara after that again.


From dry shampoo to white colour pencil, beauty hacks for working women

Want a memorable accessory for that big event? Think beyond the traditional pinned-on boutonnière or corsage, and consider wearing a piece of floral art.

“There are those floral artists who are thinking outside the box and are using blooms and botanical elements in new, fresh ways, as in floral jewelry and wearables,” said Tobey Nelson, owner of Tobey Nelson Events and Design in Langley, Washington.

Wearable flowers have been getting play on fashion runways, and are increasingly popular as necklaces, bracelets and crowns at weddings, proms or other special occasions. Some can even be replanted later.

Nelson describes her flower jewelry as “neck gardens” or “wrist gardens.”

 This floral tiara is designed as an accessory to be worn at weddings, proms or other special occasions. Flowers are becoming the raw material for a different kind of artwork. Floral artists are using blooms and botanical elements in new, fresh ways as in floral jewelry and wearables.

“I see so many different plant parts — be it a flower or berry or an acorn or curly stem — as a gem of nature,” she said. “It is only fitting that I would fashion them into jewelry.”

Floral designers cajole blooms — often succulents — into jewelry bases that can be worn around a wrist or finger, or used as necklaces, earrings and headpieces. Many of the bases can be used again after the flowers are spent.

Succulents are resilient, simple to grow and don’t need to be watered frequently. Sedums, echeverias and sempervivums multiply rapidly. Eventually, they will expand off their bases, sending out roots in search of nutrients.

“The life expectancy of a floral wearables piece made from succulents can be three weeks to two months, as long as it is stored in sunlight,” Nelson said. “Jewelry made from succulents can be taken apart when the plants begin to outgrow the jewelry piece and then planted.”

Susan Mcleary, a floral designer, artist and instructor who operates Passionflower in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has a long list of go-to flowers and foliage that she uses as wearables.

“The best way to form your own list is to test obsessively,” Mcleary said. “Anytime I get a new flower in the studio, I snip off a few blooms to test how they fare out of water.

“For floral jewelry, I love using young, tight ranunculus, astrantia blooms, hyacinth pips, delphinium florets, huechera foliage, herbs, berries, pods, miniature orchids . to name a few.”

Floral pieces appreciate a periodic misting but they are made to last for the duration of a one-day event such as a wedding or party, Mcleary said. Succulents can last up to three weeks without watering.

Mcleary’s designs often center around a single family of colors, adding a variety of shades and textures to boost interest. “Larger blooms and darker shades typically are set down first, and more delicate materials and lighter shades float above,” she said.

She receives many illustrated thank you notes from former clients — usually brides — for whom she designed succulent jewelry that was successfully re-potted.

“A favorite photo came on one couple’s first anniversary: a pot of overflowing plants, happily nestled in their new home,” she said.


This Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection Will Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True

Beauty and the Beast fans, get excited! I’m sure you were already psyched when Disney premiered the remake of the film back in March — but did you know come June 6 you’ll be able to watch your favorite fairy tale as many times as you want on DVD? To celebrate, Lorac just dropped a new Beauty and the Beast makeup collection — and it’s stunning.

Kim Kardashian To Launch Own Beauty Line Soon

While watching the DVD over and over, channel your inner princess with a 16-shade eye shadow palette, four-shade highlighter and blush palette, and two five-shade lip collections.

Without further ado, here’s the full dreamy collection for you to check out for yourself.

Pro Eye Shadow Palette


This 16-shade shadow palette comes in an array of neutral and deep shades.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Pro Shadow Palette, LORAC, $48


Cheek Palette


This rosy-colored palette will give the apples of your cheeks a Belle-like glow.

Lipstick Collection


These creamy lipsticks are made in beautiful, bold shades fit for a princess.

Disney Beauty and the Beast Lipstick Collection, LORAC, $36


Lip Gloss Collection


A girl can never have too many high-shine lip glosses.

Disney Beauty and Beast Lip Gloss Collection, LORAC, $34



Kim Kardashian Is Joining the Beauty Business with Her Own Makeup Line

Kim Kardashian West’s makeup routine is a thing of beauty in and of itself. Clearly, beauty products are big business in that family; little sis Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics launched her into the Forbes Celebrity 100 list alongside Kim, after all.

But looks like big sis isn’t content with just collaborating (kollaborating?) anymore. Just months after the two teamed up for KKW x Kylie, Kim appears to be making a bold move into her own beauty line, if her cryptic Instagram announcement is any indication:

So… June 21? Of course, Kim’s team already has a website all set up, where you can enter your email for future details. And as People shared, makeup artist and long-time friend Mario Dedivanovic also shared the announcement, with some more details: “👑The Glam Queen has arrived… get ready to be SNATCHED.


View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

As for what Kim’s working on first? According to her Forbes interview, what else: “It’s KKW Beauty, and we’re selling just online. We’re launching with a contour kit. I change my looks up all the time, but the one thing that’s consistent is contour.” The cream contour will come with a dual-ended brush and a highlighter kit.

The inspiration for the beauty line comes from her own product rotation:

“You’re gonna see everything that has been my favorite products, that I use all the time. Hopefully every month we’ll have a drop of another product. I’m focusing on skin on contouring and concealer and all my favorite things.

We will be producing everything [locally, in California]. It’s so accessible for me to go tot he factory and see how everything’s done, which I think is really important, to be involved every step of the way.

You should see my house at home, is filled with every shade, formula, it’s really exciting going through this journey, and doing it all by myself and figuring it out.”

That wasn’t the only big beauty announcement from Kim’s corner; she also snuck in that she’s going to be launching a perfume later this year:

“In the same beauty world, I’m launching a fragrance at the end of the year, and these are all projects I’m doing full ownership … every last detail from the box, to the packaging, to being in the factory, and feeling every packaging detail.”

Whatever Kim’s selling, beauty and Kardashian fans alike are ready to buy in: