Google Play Music’s New Feature for Samsung Galaxy S8 Isn’t That Exclusive

For Samsung Galaxy S8 users, Google Play Music is the default music player and streaming service. Now, Galaxy S8 users are receiving a brand new feature dubbed New Release Radio, which is a personalised radio station with new music releases and updates on a daily basis.

The latest New Release Radio feature has steadily been popping up on Galaxy S8 devices with “Samsung Exclusive” tagline. The pop-up describes the new feature, “Listen to brand new music, personalised to your tastes and listening history – with new recommendations every day.” The feature was first spotted by a Reddit user, and was reported by Sammobile.

Google Play Music's New Feature for Samsung Galaxy S8 Isn't That Exclusive

Engadget, however, points out that the feature may not be limited to Samsung Galaxy S8 users as some users have been able to add the “New Release Radio” station to their libraries. Some Reddit users also claim that they were able to add the new feature to their libraries while using Google Play Music Web interface as well as on non-Samsung devices. Unfortunately, there’s no word whether the feature will be kept as an exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S8 (and Galaxy S8+) devices or to be made available to all users in the long run.

We can expect an update on the status of availability of the “New Release Radio” station for non-Samsung devices.

Samsung and Google jointly announced their new partnership back in April, and it gave some benefits to Samsung users. They were allowed to upload 100,000 of their own songs to Google Play Music for free, which is almost double the limit for owners of non-Samsung devices.


Kirtilals launches an exclusive collection of uber-cool jewellery that’s chic and versatile

What if that expensive diamond necklace you bought also becomes a bracelet? Or a glittery pendant that can also be worn as ear studs? Giving a whole new dimension to concepts in jewellery making, Kirtilals has come up with a breathtaking collection of bespoke diamond jewellery that’s not just about the aesthetics or ornamental value, but also multi-utility and functionality of the piece.

“The collection is a precursor to how jewellery is becoming more than just an ornament the world over. Every single thing you wear is being made into something functional. Necklaces are engineered to become more than a string of diamonds to be worn on the neck,” says Monish Kannan, the Production Manager at the Coimbatore plant of Kirtilals, who has also conceptualised and executed the collection. “The process of making versatile jewellery is complicated. It’s like a crossover between engineering and jewellery making.” The brand has launched over 100 designs in the first set of collection, of which nearly 50 have been displayed at the Madurai showroom. “Since Madurai is a traditional place where people buy a lot of jewellery, we wanted to test the grounds for an avant-garde collection like this,” says Natarajan, General Manager.

“Multi-functional jewellery is a value addition for people who spend so much on buying diamonds. If suppose you buy a pendant for over Rs.1,00,000, how cool if it also becomes ear studs? All you have to do is to unscrew and put the piece back in a different fashion. You get to wear the same piece in various ways for different occasions.” Magnetic bangles is another concept where a set of thin bangles can be worn as a single thick kada or vice verse. The collection contains rings, earrings, chains, pendants and bangles that are light-weight, unique and modern. The price range starts from Rs.40,000 upwards.


IDBI To Establish Exclusive Vertical For NPA Recovery

Ahmedabad: As part of their turnaround strategy, IDBI Bank has announced formation of a separate vertical having around 100 dedicated staff to recover their mounting non performing assets (NPAs), which now stand at around Rs. 45,500 crores.

Apart from creating this NPA recovery vertical, the bank management has formed a ‘Credit Monitoring Group’ to find out potential NPAs based on early warning signals, said Deputy Managing Director of IDBI Bank, G M Yadwadkar.

“Our total NPAs stand at approximately Rs. 45,500 crores. As part of our turnaround strategy, we have decided to expedite the recovery by forming a separate vertical, which will have around 100 employees across India and it will be headed by an executive director,” said Yadwadkar at a press meet here on Tuesday.

IDBI To Establish Exclusive Vertical For NPA Recovery

“This vertical will focus only on reducing our NPAs by way of cash recovery as well as sale of NPAs,” he added.

Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has put IDBI Bank along with Dena Bank, Indian Overseas Bank and UCO Bank, under the PCA (prompt corrective action) in view of their mounting non-performing assets.

As per RBI statement, prompt corrective action is a supervision tool initiated in case of some public sector banks with high NPAs.

“As the RBI has also advised banks to reduce fresh NPAs, we have formed a Credit Monitoring Group, which will do off-site monitoring of cash flow of the entity as well as check for any pending compliance. This system will help us identifying potential NPAs based on early warning signals,” said Yadwadkar.

Apart from these measures to reduce its NPAs, the Bank would also sell off its non-core assets to augment their capital.

“In this digital age, the need for physical space is reducing. Thus, we are also planning to surrender such spaces.

We would also shift our back office operations from high rent areas to low-rent areas. We strongly believe that all these turnaround measures would give positive impact on our results in third or fourth quarter,” he said.