iPad Pro 2017 Models Outperform New MacBook Pro Models in Some Benchmarks

Apple’s new iPad Pro models are as capable as the refreshed MacBook Pro models, matching, and even surpassing the laptops in certain benchmarks. Bare Feats, a benchmarking blog, posted some CPU and GPU test results that pitted the 2017 MacBook Pro models against the new iPad Pro 12.9 inch and 10.5-inch models.

The devices were tested with a series of benchmark tests like GeekBench and GFXBench giving an idea about the CPU and GPU performance of the new iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models. The tests also included older 2016 MacBook Pro and iPad Pro models to get a better idea about the improvements that the new hardware brings to the hotel.

iPad Pro 2017 Models Outperform New MacBook Pro Models in Some Benchmarks

In terms of GPU performance, the new iPad Pro models outperform the MacBook Pro (2016 and 2017) models in Geekbench 4 Compute Metal test. The test results showed the 10.5-inch iPad Pro model scoring 27,814, and was closely followed by 12.9-inch iPad Pro which scored 27,597. MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017 models came third and fourth with a score of 27,631 and 26,353 respectively.

In the single-core GeekBench 4 tests, the all-new MacBook Pro 13-inch was seen scoring 4,650, which outperformed the new iPad Pro models which scored around 4,000 mark. Though, the test also saw that the 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch iPad Pro models scores were on par with the older MacBook Pro models.

In the multi-core CPU tests, the 2017 MacBook Pro models yet again outperformed all the iPad Pro models with a stunning score of 10,261. The new iPad Pro models, however, beat the 2016 MacBook Pro models, which can be seen as a big improvement for the tablets.

The benchmark scores may indicate that the new iPad Pro models can match CPU and GPU performance of MacBook Pro though we want to stress that these scores aren’t indicative of real-world usage usage.

To recall, Apple refreshed the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model at the WWDC 2017, and also launched the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The company also refreshed the entire MacBook lineup, including a new 13-Inch MacBook Pro configuration.


Reliance Jio’s JioTV App Gets a Makeover on iPhone, iPad

The launch of Reliance Jio was accompanied by that of a number of exclusive apps, with a number of apps for entertainment. This includes the Reliance Jio TV app, named JioTV, which lets you watch over 460 channels. On Thursday, the company has released a new update for the Reliance JioTV app on iOS, which brings a fresh look, and promises new features such as a personalised program guide.

Reliance Jio's JioTV App Gets a Makeover on iPhone, iPad

New features with JioTV redesign
The personalised Reliance JioTV EPG shows your most-watched channel on the top of the list, though this functionality didn’t seem to be working on our app. However, the redesign is quite clear, and does make the interface a lot easier to browse.

The differences are minor individually, but taken together make the Reliance Jio TV app lighter, and more easily readable. For example, the navigation has been taken out of a hamburger in the top, and brought into a row on the bottom.

jio old jiotv

The date and time on the JioTV app, on the other hand, have been given a light background, with the current ones being red. Earlier, the whole band was red – that meant that it wasn’t easy to quickly glance and see what the current time and date are.

This brings the JioTV iOS app in line with the design of the Android version of the app, and the actual functionality of the app remains the same. You can use it to watch live TV, catch up to older episodes, and set up recording of shows if you want as well. Most shows are available for catch-up and recording on the Reliance Jio TV app, though not all, and the ones that don’t support this feature are shown with a light grey background in the guide.

The new JioTV interface is still pretty much like a set-top box’s guide – you can swipe left or right to see upcoming shows, and shows that have been aired, and you can move up and down to see more channels. You can choose channels and categories on the Reliance Jio TV app, and you can also switch to a thumbnail view to look at channels, or simply search.

jio new jiotv

The majority of the content available is still in Hindi. If you’re looking for entertainment in other Indian languages, or in English, you have fewer choices, but there is still a fair bit to choose from, when compared to other live TV streaming options.

Reliance JioTV app data consumption
Using the Reliance JioTV, we noticed that across half an hour, as per the data tracker on the phone, our usage was around 140MB. This works out to roughly 300MB per hour with the quality set to low. The lack of English entertainment channels on the Reliance Jio TV app could be a deal breaker for some, but if the channel list meets your needs though then JioTV could well be a good option.


Microsoft Pix Camera Update for iPhone and iPad Adds Prisma-Like Filters

It wasn’t too long ago when Prisma, an app that turned any mundane photo into a work of art, was the talk of the town. Now, Microsoft is looking to get into the artistic frame of mind with the latest update to Pix Camera, its AI-powered photo editing app. The new update for iPhone and iPad now offers filters that will turn your photos into digital art.

Microsoft says that the new update will “give snapshots stylistic flair reminiscent of masterpiece paintings and artsy photos hanging in the famed galleries of Amsterdam, Paris, and New York.” The company says it has introduced these features in collaboration with Microsoft’s Asia research lab, and Skype as part of an overhaul designed for iOS.

Microsoft Pix Camera Update for iPhone and iPad Adds Prisma-Like Filters

The update introduces a new feature, called Pix Styles, which is similar to Prisma in that it transforms your images into pictures inspired by popular artistic styles, or adds effects such as making the photo look like its on fire. Microsoft explains that this feature doesn’t in fact add filters, but rather transfers textures, pattern, and tones to the photo. Pix Styles is being introduced with 11 styles including Glass, Petals, Bacau, Charcoal, Heart, Fire, Honolulu, Zing, Pop, Glitter, and Ripples, and the company says more will be added in the coming weeks.

Next up is Pix Paintings, which creates a time-lapse of your picture being painted in real time in the style selected. This turns your picture into a GIF-like short clip that can be shared or saved.

“These are meant to be fun features,” says Microsoft’s Josh Weisberg. “In the past, a lot of our efforts were focused on using AI and deep learning to capture better moments and better image quality. This is more about fun. I want to do something cool and artistic with my photos.”

Notably, these new features like Pix Style will not use up your iPhone or iPad’s data plan as it does not need access the cloud to run its calculations, and will work directly on your device. Microsoft says this is part of a broader shift to push AI from cloud to devices at the “edge” of the network. This will help save up on data cost and will reduce wait times as well.

The Redmond-giant understands that features like these are popular among Instagrammers and other social media users, and the Microsoft Pix team plans to feature styled pictures regularly with the hashtag #PixStyling on Pix’s Instagram page.

The update for Microsoft Pix Camera can be downloaded from the App Store.