By | November 6, 2015

Saving money used to take sacrifice but now saving money is easier than ever. Technology has made saving money as easy as a few swipes on the screen of a smartphone. With saving money being at your fingertips, why not take advantage. The following are 3 ways to save money without changing your life in a major way.

Saving on the electricity bill can make or break a budget for many people. Using energy efficient light bulbs will use a fraction of the electric and they can last to ten times longer than traditional lightbulbs. Having an app on your smartphone that can control the house lights when you leave is important as well. This can assure that all of the lights are off in the home and no excess electricity is being used. These apps can also be used to control the air conditioning so there can be huge savings on that as quite a lot of electric is used by heating or cooling the home.

Looking online for coupons on websites like Groupon can save immense amounts of money. They have daily updates to the coupons from electronic stores to clothing stores like JC Penney. Online coupons can be applied often times from the comfort of your own home or even be available on mobile devices. Coupons are a great way to drive down costs of products or services you are going to purchase.

Looking online for specials if you frequently go out to eat can save money. Many restaurants have certain days where they offer a special like a “Taco Tuesday” where food is extremely cheap. Just by looking up where the specials are, you can save money while still eating out. This being said eating out can get expensive but if you manage to find the right deals it can be affordable.

Saving money does not have to take a dramatic change in lifestyle to be accomplished. Just by doing your due diligence you can save copious amounts of money. For nearly every vendor there is a deal at some point in the year or a great coupon offered. Not taking advantage of these things is like throwing money out of the window of your car.