By | November 10, 2015

Are you looking for buying a car? Thinking of what a car seller will hide from you when car valuation happens. Don’t worry; this article opens up the entire hidden agenda which car sellers hide form customers. It is estimated that due to unfair car valuation almost nearly 20% to 30% of extra cost is being incurred by buyer of car which is more than their profit. To check car valuation India nowadays has become in the limelight: setting leaf air smart home about it, and the secrets are slowly being opened to public world.

Facts which car sellers hide from buyers

The following section details on the entire scam which happens during which a car valuation gets deviated from its actual purpose from a fair deal to money making entity.

History of the car and the current conditions

Often the history of the vehicle is never said with facts and true information. The history is always hidden in a vehicle past, the mileages are covered, the battery and engine conditions are altered and often misleads to saying that condition are better. Since the car mileage and operating conditions are taken into consideration during car evaluation it is often hidden to increase the price of valuation of a used car here you can get Used cars in mumbai.

Changing of papers

The term of changing of papers to show that the car is new enough, people indulge into an activity which is called as title washing or changing the name of paper. These practices can help in reduction in cost incurred in transferring names and hence can help in building the cost of vehicle to buyers. In most cases a recovered vehicle which is out from an accident or any court case is title washed and sold to people.

Changing the odometers

Fraud of odometers has become a common practice nowadays by sellers of used car. They tamper the meter with the help of auto mechanics and change the reading to show as if the vehicle has run only less area. When people see that the car is used only for shorter distance, their mindset fixes that the car is brand new and not used.


Servicing history and repairing history

Often the sellers hide the number of repairs which have been undertaken for their car from the buyers. Most of the time the outer layer of the car is painted well and seems dashing but the internal part of the car would be having lot of trouble.

Sellers hide all modification and alteration

The worst thing to happen for a car is to modify it, yes most of the used cars would have been altered to suit the owner requirement and when it comes for valuation, sellers hide them. Any modification which is made to car from its original make will surely reduce life time of the car and reduce validation of the vehicle badly.

Covering the engine failures

People always cover the engine problem in a car, because that has the highest value and would determine the valuation of the used car for the buyer. Often only the engine oil is changed and the seller tries to sell the vehicle with the problem.

Dealers can make your life miserable

Most of the dealers have hidden agenda during car dealing and their ultimate motive would be to make money. Never fall for dealers words in terms of lease agreement, down payment or whatever. Think twice and then take a call.

Changing of sound systems and battery’s

People change the sound systems in car before they sell, they change the good working one and put the worn out ones during car valuation. Make sure that you check the make of the audio system and warranty details of battery in the car before purchasing one.


A car valuation is importantly used for buyers and the main important aspect to be considered is two things.

  • Check whether any major accidents the car run too
  • Check whether the operational parts in the car are real and original.

The above facts which are presented in this article are efforts of collation of different real time happenings in the car valuation India industry. But be aware that not all the car valuations are tricky and secret. The only objective of this article is to make people aware of the real happenings such that they become aware and don’t become a victim for these unfair practices.