By | June 16, 2017

Who doesn’t love eggs? Not only are eggs versatile when it comes to whipping exciting dishes, these also come packed with essential micronutrients vital for the growth and development of the body. Including eggs in your daily diet promises a bevy of health benefits. Experts have now found that kids who eat eggs regularly experience better growth and development when compared to other kids who don’t consume them at all. Eggs are easily available, extremely easy to cook and inexpensive. Many International health organisations therefore consider eggs as a food item that can combat hunger and malnutrition in severely affected areas in the world. Parents, now you have a bigger and better reason to love eggs and how A team of American experts suggest that eating an egg a day can significantly increase growth and reduce stunting by 47% in young children. Kids who eat eggs regularly are also 74% less likely to become underweight. Experts concluded the study after conducted an experiment on a group of children aged six to nine months. The participants were given one egg per day for six months, versus a control group which did not consume eggs at all.

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“Eggs can be affordable and easily accessible. They are a good source of nutrients for growth and development in young children and have the potential to contribute to reduced growth stunting around the world. Eggs seem to be a viable and recommended source of nutrition for children in developing countries,” lead author Lora Iannotti from the Washington University in St. Louis was quoted by IANS.

Eggs are loaded with protein, vitamin A and D that are crucial for the development and maintenance of the bones. They also come packed with other essential minerals and nutrients like iron, calcium, phosphorous and zinc.