By | June 21, 2017

Talk about snacks, and something crisp and appetising immediately comes to our mind. Maharashtrians love their food that is spicy and sweet in one bite. If you haven’t already tried their snacks, it’s time now. We list down 10 drool-worthy snacks from the state that will leave you wanting more.

10 Regional Snacks from Maharashtra That Are An Absolute Treat

1. Shankarpali


Shankarpali is one of the most popular Maharashtrian snacks and is traditionally enjoyed during festivals. It is also called Shakkarpara in Gujarati and Shakerpara in Bengali. Shankarpali is a sweet treat made with milk, sugar or salt, ghee, semolina, and maida. Shankarpali can be sour, sweet or salty. It has a long shelf life and can be stored easily and savoured anytime.

2. Aluvadi


Aluvadi or Patrode is a Malavani snack, deep fried and made with spinach or colocasia leaves stuffed with spiced potatoes and then rolled up after being smeared with besan paste. This crunchy delight is a delicious way to kill your hunger pangs and it can be steamed as well as fried.

3. Kothimbir Vadi


‘Kothimbir’ is a Marathi word that means coriander and ‘Kothimbir Vadi’ means coriander fritters. This is an evening snack usually enjoyed with tea or coffee. It is made with a mixture of gram flour, coriander leaves and sesame seeds and is steamed, sliced and fried to make a crispy snack.

4. Thalipeeth


If you have not tasted Thalipeeth while in the state, you have missed out on the authentic Maharashtrian experience. Thalipeeth is a multi-grain pancake found in the western region of the country. It is made with a special flour of roasted sabudana (tapioca), coriander seeds, wheat, rice and cumin seeds. Various vegetables and onions are added in the dough to enhance the flavour. Served with a dollop of ghee or curd, you can enjoy this snack anytime of the day.

5. Rice Chakli


Popularly known as Murukku in the Southern part of the country, Rice Chakli is a deep fried snack made with rice flour, gram flour or a mixture of lentilĀ along with other ingredients including sesame seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and some spices. These round delights are crunchy and golden-brown in colour. They generally need a chakli extruder to shape the dough, which is then fried in oil and enjoyed hot.

6. Bhakarwadi


A famous sweet and spicy snack, Bhakarwadi is made with gram flour which is shaped into spiral forms and then stuffed with a mixture of coconut, sesame seeds and poppy seeds. This fried and crispy snack has a long shelf life and can be stored for weeks.

7. Sabudanyachi Khichdi


Popularly known as sabudane (tapioca) ki khichdi, this quick snack is light yet filling. Sabudana is soaked overnight and then fried with cumin seeds, spices, diced potatoes and crushed peanuts. In Maharashtra, sabudanyachi khichdi is generally made in pure desi ghee.

8. Chiwda


Chiwda or poha is the go-to snack in Maharashtra. Chiwda is deep fried puffed rice or flaked rice. A mix of peanuts, curry leaves, green chilies and asafetida are roasted to make this delicious snack.

9. Kanda Batata Poha


‘Kanda’ in Marathi means onion and ‘Batata’ means potato. Kanda Batata Poha is perfect for breakfast or in the evening as a mid-meal snack. Chiwda is soaked in water overnight and cooked with vegetables, peanuts and spices. It is served with diced raw onions on top. You can sprinkle some Bhujia (namkeen) to add a crunch.

10. Batata Vada


Batata Vada consists of a mashed potato patty coated with chickpea flour, deep fried and served piping hot with chutney. This snack is enjoyed the most with a cup of tea on a rainy day.

Try these lovely snacks from Maharashtra and do tell us about the ones that you absolutely love.