By | June 22, 2017

Imagine it is your first day in college. And as you walk into the campus, you feel out of place because of a conversation that flows like…‘DU se khaas expect nahi kiya tha, but it is Lit AF bro! Logon ki bhi OK report hai’ etc, and you have everything going over your head.

Delhi University

Yes, varsity life comes with its own quirks, one of them being the lingo. While words like K-Nags (Kamla Nagar),
C-Bats (Cholle Bhature), G-Jams (Gulab Jamun) have always been part of a DU student’s dictionary; some new words and phrases have been introduced lately. Here are some slangs that you can brush up on before you join college (so you don’t have any FOMO (fear of missing out)).


What it means on campus: Often used to describe stuff that absolutely boggles the human mind, trippy s**t, is a slang that doesn’t require judicious use.

How it’s used: You could include it as a starter for an epic narration of a party story — “Bro, some really trippy s**t happened at Karan’s house last night.”


What it means on campus: While the literal meaning of the term is ‘to stop’, DU students can be heard using this as a precursor to a brawl. Consider this as a warning “to stay in one’s limit.”

How it’s used: College bullies can often be heard saying , “Datt ja bhai, bohot ho gya tera ab.”

Word: BT

What it means on campus: The complete opposite of ‘trippy s**t’, BT (Bad Trip) is used to describe a bad experience— be it describing a boring lecture or a heartbreak by the college hottie.

How it’s used: While we hope you never have to say this (which isn’t really a possibility), it can be used like this. “Yaar kitne assignments pakda diye is teacher ne. Subah subah BT ho gayi.”


What it means on campus:These three slangs are used interchangeably as they are used to describe a great experience.

How they’re used: You’d probably see them being thrown around the most during fresher parties and DU fests, some what like, “Bhai shaam ko EDM night hai fest ki, tagda scene banega party ka!” or “The freshers party yesterday was lit af/dope.”

Word: PAP

What it means on campus: You’d often come across this, if you’re the college selfie expert. PAP simply means post a picture.

How it’s used: This might be a regular feature when you’re on your class group chat. The usage is pretty simple, “You are on a vacation right? PAP soon please”


What it means on campus: College life definitely increases your chances of partying, and with it, the chances of getting extremely drunk (first timer issues). That’s where ‘Turnt’ comes in. Used to describe when you’re sloshed without letting go of the swag you want attached to your college persona.

How it’s used: You can use it as, “I was so turnt at Yash’s place bro! I ended up calling mom and telling her about my result.”


What it means on campus: This one is used to describe perfection of any kind, be it wardrobe, personality etc. It can also be replaced with on point (or if you’re super impressed, hella on fleek).

How it’s used: “Her clothes are always on fleek. I wish I could carry myself that way.”


What it means on campus: A slang that is probably a spawn of the Delhi Punjabi culture, this one is used to describe a satisfactory (or great) situation.

How it’s used: You’d see this fly among guy groups, and probably like this, “Bhai, kal vo bike test drive kari thi. OK report hai.”


What it means on campus: Made popular by the Doge memes, this is an exclamatory remark for something wonderful, probably that amazes you. This one can also serve as a sarcastic remark for something that doesn’t really amaze you.

How it’s used:

Friend 1: “Her dad bought her a brand new I phone on her birthday. Can you believe it?”

Friend 2: Such amaze, much wow.


What it means on campus: Whatever is over the top, unnecessary or excessive can be described as ‘being extra’. How it’s used: “The professor was just being so extra when he did not take Neha’s apology.”