By | June 15, 2018

Software development is a skill that an individual should possess to showcase himself as a software developer. The software development does not mean that there will be only a developing stage. It is needless to mention that the software development gets hold of some phases to make sure the software is developed according to the needs of the customers. First of all, the software designing team has to analyze who is going to use the software, what skills are required to design the particular software, what is the input data, what will be the output of the input data and more.

A single individual cannot develop the software all in a hurry. Instead, the software development will be guided by the software development manager. Now, the professionals use Agile as a software development approach. One that wants to design the software can take the Agile management courses. The Agile course will train the individual to handle the team involved in the software development process. The course can be taken by professionals and others that are leading the software development team. The Agile professionals are what now the corporate companies require leading the project development team.

Significance of Transparency in Agile

As far as transparency is concerned, Agile and scrum have differences. In scrum, meetings and ceremonies will be there to discuss what is what and to report the progress of the team. In scrum, the meetings and ceremonies help for enhancing the transparency of daily standup, retrospective meeting, sprint review and sprint planning. All these meetings and ceremonies offer a chance to the product owner and teams to have a trust on each other and raise questions with respect to progress of the team. In Agile, transparency is reckoned as its core value.

With Agile, it is not that easy to develop the transparency. At times, it will be tough to be transparent and open about a company or business or product. On the other hand, the lack of transparency leads to many issues in the Agile team, project, company and definitely to the business. The lack of transparency leads to the following issues,

  • The team’s speed and direction cannot be known
  • Trust with the product owner will never happen
  • Evaluating the future work is not that easy
  • At times, teams will be doing politics among them rather than concentrating on what needs to be done
  • Morale of the team would not be that good

The importance of the transparency value in Agile can be enhanced by the following factors.

  • Burn down charts should be used to define how the team is doing within a given sprint.
  • The team should be transparent.
  • The product owner should know what his team is capable of.
  • The raw data should be used in the product development and nothing should be hidden from the team and product owner.
  • The team has to be transparent with the product owner. If the team does so, the team’s transparency and the product owner’s trust in his team will be enhanced.