By | July 8, 2018

Here’s how junk food is messing with your health.

Junk food is not just bad for your waistline but also for the health of your lungs. Eating hamburgers and other fast food could put you at risk of asthma, says a new study. It can also lead to other allergic diseases such as pollen fever, eczema (especially in children) and rhino conjunctivitis. According to another recent research, eating junk food can also render your inhalers ineffective.

The reason: eating junk food puts immense pressure on your lungs.

Impact on children

Kids who eat junk food more than three times a week are more likely to suffer from asthma and eczema. The high fat levels in junk food weakens the immune system leading to diseases. Parents should encourage kids to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables to undo the damages done by junk food.

Impact on adults

Along with our sedentary lifestyle, consumption of junk food is a lethal combination. It not only leads to other diseases such as diabetes, heart condition, but also increase the likelihood of asthma and allergies. The authors of the recent study note that poor quality diet is likely to contribute to the development and progression of asthma and wheeze via multiple mechanisms.