By | December 31, 2018

The mentor is the bulwark in the endeavour to promote Agile practices and philosophies in an organisation. The role of your Agile coach is a very crucial one, that of mobilising, guiding and inspiring. To be able to handle these immense responsibilities, Agile coaches need a robust learning platform which will allow them to earn the ICP-ACC designation. The ICP-ACC is part of the CLCs (Continuous Learning Certifications) that make up the Agile Coaching and Facilitation track. The focus of the ICP-ACC course by KnowledgeHut will be on an Agile Coach’s roles and responsibilities along with the mindset required to execute them. The ICP Agile Certified Coach training will help participants learn in interactive environments that simulate the demands of a real-world scenario. Learn more about this exciting course and its positive impact on your Agile career.

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About the ICP-ACC Course Curriculum

The ICP-ACC course will be for 3 days. The program will cover a lot of topics in comprehensive detail. It begins with a session on the Agile coaching mindset, which is absolutely fundamental. What are the responsibilities of the Agile coach and the skills required? These questions will be addressed in the second lesson. The next few modules will cover vital topics such as coaching stance, mentoring agile roles and the key differences between coaching and mentoring. As the course progresses, you will learn about team development and how to set up the required team environment. There will be lessons on the characteristics of an Agile team, and the trainer will also delve into the handling of conflict scenarios. The course is recommended for Scrum Masters, product owners, those who are in Agile leadership roles, and Agile coaches.


Benefits of the Course

The workshop will equip you with the skill set and confidence to provide mentorship to an Agile team. After the course, the participants will receive their ICAgile Certified Professional –Agile Certified Coach designation from ICAgile, one of the most respected Agile certification bodies in the world. This will be a very good credential to add on the resume. You will also receive 24 SEUs and 24 PDUs at the end of the course, corresponding to the number of hours completed in training. You will get a course completion certificate and access to the resource-filled Agile coach toolkit. The carefully curated course material is downloadable, and after the workshop, participants can be part of meetings and training sessions with other Agile coaches.


Advantages of Opting for an Agile Certification

KnowledgeHut is a leading name in Agile related education and certification programs. It has a presence in all the tech hubs across the world and boasts a very experienced faculty. KnowledgeHut courses are delivered combining the true interactivity of a classroom environment with modern and accessible learning formats. The training programs are also designed to be compact so that they can be fit into busy schedules. Thousands of professionals have found their career paths defined by taking up a KnowledgeHut course and the ICP-ACC training can be your big opportunity. Enrol now.