By | June 3, 2019
Moringa Tea: Fat Loss, BP Control And More Incredible Benefits Of This So-Called 'Miracle Tea'

Moringa Tea Benefits: This drink is made from leaves of moringa

  • Moringa or drumstick tree has a number of edible parts
  • Moringa leaves are turned into powder form and used in tea
  • Moringa tea has a number of incredible health and beauty benefits

Moringa or drumsticks have been used in the regional cuisines of Southern Indian states for millennia, but the world is only now warming up to it. From ‘miracle herb’ to ‘superfood’, Moringa oleifera has been felicitated with a number of titles and phrases, making the western world go gaga over it. The plant has been converted to powders which can be added to teas and coffees and which are now being used in countless classic recipes of main dishes and condiments. It’s safe to say that moringa is enjoying its spot under the Sun and is being actively incorporated in the diets of people around the world. Although some health experts may be more skeptical than the rest of the world about these ‘magical’ qualities of moringa, it seems like it is here to stay as a health food.

Moringa tea is just one drink that this superfood craze has spawned. The tea that is prepared from the leaves of moringa or drumstick tree is now a popular beverage with several food and drinks manufacturers cashing in on the trend. Moringa tea is fast becoming a popular choice among ‘health freaks’ and the drink is also said to have several health benefits for us. Let’s look at some incredible health benefits that moringa tea is known for.

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2ilqqreMoringa Tea  is prepared from the leaves of moringa or drumstick tree

Moringa Tea Benefits

1. Fat Loss

Moringa is known to be rich in a number of essential vitamins and minerals and is also said to help mobilise stored visceral fat. The tea is rich in antioxidants, which are primarily the polyphenols or plant compounds in it. According to the book ‘How To Lose Back Fat’ by Cynthia Trainer, “Moringa tea is shown to have a weight loss effect. Energy production takes place instead of fat storage… the leaves are low-fat and nutrient-dense and can be easily viewed as alternatives to high-calorie foods.”

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2. Blood Pressure Control

Moringa tea, which is prepared from dehydrated and ground moringa leaves, is said to help in blood pressure control as well. This has been credited to the presence of quercetin in it, which is said to reduce blood pressure. Additionally, it may also help BP patients fight inflammation, due to its anti-oxidative abilities.