By | August 29, 2019
Healthy Diet: Protein-Rich 2-Bean And Chicken Soup Recipe For A Healthy Monsoon

This bean and chicken soup is a perfect healthy meal for monsoon

  • Beans and chicken are good sources of high quality protein
  • Soups make for best remedies for cravings during monsoon
  • This recipe is easy to make and satisfying

Soups are delightful to sip on, when the air is colder. A steaming hot soup during rainy or cold weather is perhaps one of those simple pleasures of life that we all crave. Soups are considered healthier than other meals for several reasons. For one, they are low in calories due to the watery base and can help you stay hydrated. They also fill you up and are incredibly convenient as meals. You can snuggle up with a bowl in your bed or on a sofa or even carry your bowl with you to your work desk. Soups are also very versatile and accommodative of a wide range of ingredients, from vegetables to meats to food grains. Soups can be made as heavy or as light as you like and there are numerous ways of making them delicious and adjusting them according to every palate.

A lot of people prefer to add nutritious vegetables and other ingredients to their soups. They are preferred for times when you just want something healthy and filling. You can also make your soups rich in protein, by adding ingredients like beans, chicken, fish etc. If you’re looking to incorporate a protein-rich soup in your diet, then we have the perfect recipe for you – 2-Bean and Chicken Soup! But before we look at how to make this soup, let’s look at the nutrition in the soup.