By | September 9, 2019
5 Easy Iced Tea Recipes That Will Recharge You With A Burst Of Energy

Iced tea boosts energy

  • Iced tea with different kinds of flavour or spices taste delicious
  • Iced tea rejuvenate and refresh body and mind
  • These iced tea recipes that are sure to keep you hydrated

If there’s anything that can rev up a gloomy day and brooding mind, it is definitely a cup of tea. It has a peculiar energy-boosting power that lifts us up instantly. Its antioxidant properties also help in improving metabolism and body immunity. Our palate is naturally wired to crave for hot beverages during winters and while the chilly weather is still a while away, let’s make the best of the current weather to relish some icy cold drinks. Instead of sipping on a cosy hot cup of tea on a lazy day, let’s energise ourselves with iced tea. Iced tea leaves a scope of adding any kind of flavour or spices to the drink, and it actually tastes better than regular tea.

We have rounded up some refreshing iced tea recipes that are sure to keep you hydrated and quench your thirst for a flavoursome, ‘pick-me-up’ drink