By | September 27, 2019
OnePlus 7T Review

The OnePlus 7T looks much like its predecessors from the front, but lots has changed

  • The OnePlus 7T boasts of wide-angle and optical zoom cameras on the rear
  • The Snapdragon 855+ SoC promises improved graphics performance
  • You get OxygenOS 10 running on top of Android 10 out of the box
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OnePlus usually releases a fresh model when there’s a new flagship-class Qualcomm Snapdragon chip to be used, or when it senses a big market shift in terms of design or features. This philosophy has helped the company stay ahead of the curve, even at the cost of annoying its fans who might have spent quite a lot of money only to find their brand new devices outdated in less than six months. In this case, it has been just over four months since the launch of the OnePlus 7, but we already have the OnePlus 7T hitting the stores. What’s surprising is that the OnePlus 7T isn’t just a minor refresh with a new Snapdragon 855+ processor – it picks up many of the features that set the more premium OnePlus 7 Pro apart from the OnePlus 7, including a third rear camera and a 90Hz display. Unfortunately, it also continues OnePlus’ other habit — increasing prices with each generation.

No longer an upstart, OnePlus broke its long-standing philosophy of selling only one phone at a time when it launched the OnePlus 7 (Review) and OnePlus 7 Pro (Review). We noted the many reasons that it made sense for the company to finally divide its attention, but the OnePlus 7 felt a little underwhelming compared to its more premium sibling which got a whole new design as well as better features. The OnePlus 7 was still relatively affordable and powerful, but it felt like a reheated OnePlus 6T (Review), and has recently had to compete with the likes of the Redmi K20 Pro (Review) and Asus 6Z (Review).

Now, the OnePlus 7T bridges that gap after just four and a half months, bringing many of the OnePlus 7 Pro’s features to a lower price point. This is a rapid cycle even by this company’s standards, and what’s more interesting, the OnePlus 7T arrives alone. Does this mean that OnePlus is shaking things up again, or is it trying to let each model shine on its own terms? We’re going to see in our review.