By | November 12, 2019

The importance of VPNs cannot be overlooked in today’s world where data breaches are the order of the day. By connecting to an unsecured/untrusted network, you risk exposing your sensitive information to cybercriminals. Most public Wi-Fi connections like those found in hotels and airports cannot be trusted and connected to such networks without using a reliable VPN exposes your data vulnerabilities such as spying by government agencies, hackers, or your internet service provider. It’s no wonder that the VPN market is projected to grow massively in size up until 2022.

It is for the above reasons that tech companies are working hard to keep their consumers safe and secure. One company that has shown seriousness in this area is HP—a giant tech corporation that is known for its PCs and printers. Other than the normal software products that come bundled with devices such as antiviruses from McAfee and Norton, HP has now decided to have some of their devices preinstalled with VPN. The company has, therefore, teamed up with ExpressVPN—the number one VPN service provider to have its Windows VPN software preinstalled on HP’s latest laptop model– Spectre x360 13.

The ExpressVPN and HP Partnership

HP recently announced the release of its new Spectre x360 13 laptops. These laptops come with a lot of exciting features that make them attractive to the modern-tech lover who appreciates both class and functionality. Some of their features include astounding 22-hour battery life, 90% screen-to-body ratio, and powerful speakers that make them the best pick.

Other than the new improvements, HP has done something else to make these laptops even more attractive. HP’s partnership with ExpressVPN will see these laptops come preinstalled with ExpressVPN’s software that will give users access to all its apps. Yes, the owners of the new Spectre x360 13 will enjoy 30 days of free access to ExpressVPN’s trusted protection before subscribing to a longer-term plan. ExpressVPN has several pricing plans, ranging from a one-month subscription at $12.95 per month to an annual subscription at $6.67 per month.

ExpressVPN is among the most trusted VPN providers, so HP obviously cares about the quality of protection on their devices.

In their statement, HP assured its consumers that they will be including the software integration in more of their products. Those who are not ready to buy the Spectre x360 13 laptops, therefore, need not worry as they will be able to enjoy the service on other devices. HP came to this decision after the realization that most of their customers connect to unprotected networks, without really thinking about the dangers they are putting themselves into. ExpressVPN’s software is meant to help users stay anonymous and secure while browsing the internet. The software will come preinstalled on the taskbar of the Spectre x360 13, making it readily available for people who may not wish to go through the inconvenience of installing it.

How VPNs Work

VPNs encrypt and protect your data, identity, and location. While it isn’t bulletproof, a VPN provides a means to reduce the trailing of your web activities. So, how do VPNs work?

  • They conceal your true location and IP address
  • The network service confuses your information in a process called encryption

The VPN puts your internet info into a ‘seal’ to transmit it through a private shaft to the site you requested. This tunneling process helps protect your data from internet spies who may want to access or see your activity while it’s in transit. Simply put, a VPN provides a safe tunnel within the current internet connection.

The partnership between ExpressVPN and HP clearly shows that VPNs have become indispensable tools when it comes to digital protection. The owners of the new Spectre x360 13 laptop models can now rest easy knowing that they are protected no matter the kind of network they connect to. It’s a good thing that HP plans to spread the integration to more of its devices. We hope other tech companies will follow suit and look for more partnerships that will help heighten the security and privacy of their consumers.