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12 best Punjabi recipes

1. Spicy…buttery and heavenly! Punjabi cuisine is popular for its variety and authenticity. The delicious Punjabi food can be modified into several enticing dishes which are quick and easy-to-prepare. As Punjabi’s like to enjoy their food buttery, creamy and loaded with desi…Read More »

10 best Mughlai recipes

1. The regal palate! 2. Mughlai Pulao Biryani itself a very delicious treat and if it is Mughlai Pulao then it is such a double treat with double richness. This pulao recipe is one of the best rice dish you will ever…Read More »

15 best Paneer recipes

1. Creamy and Cheesy! If you are craving for vegetarian food, these recipe will surely satiate your taste buds. These quick paneer recipes are your go to option on days you do not want to slog in the kitchen. They will assuredly…Read More »

13 best Mutton recipes

1. Pure sin! Mutton preparation are rich and indulgent and remind you of the regal food as the aroma of spices infused in the meat gives it an edge. Innovative as well as traditional, here is a collection of meat recipes that…Read More »